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Mahana Estates

I was selected by the Board of Woollaston Estates to spearhead the rebranding of the company. This project included the entire collection of wine for the domestic and international markets, as well as the additional business verticals (Cellar Door, Kitchen, Villa, Weddings & Events.)

Previous to the rebrand project, the company had a multi-tiered branding strategy for the wine collection. It included about five different brands and corresponding labels. This was an operational challenge for inventory management of labels and custom boxes for both the domestic (Australia and New Zealand) and international markets. The previous approach put a strain on the company due to its small size. All the brand messages were diluted in the marketplace, and there was a lack of marketing dollars to support each brand individually. 

Name and Logo Change

Rebranding work began on name and global trademark research. Several designers were hired to provide concepts for the logo and corresponding fonts to be used across all collateral. After several rounds with each designer, the final rendering of the logo was brought in house, and I put the final touches on it. Accompanying fonts were selected to create a the look and feel of the brand.


Initial labels were created for the first release under the new name and logo, and these initial labels established the commercial use needed to finalize the trademark.

Next, a search began for a talented team to create an iconic look for the final labels, at each of the product collection tiers. The final execution needed to satisfy the domestic and international markets and make a statement in both big box retail/grocery stores and small bottle shops. Makers & Allies out of San Luis Obispo was selected to create this dynamic packaging. 

The Mahana brand represented more than wine. The property operated a cellar door, restaurant, and luxury accommodation. It was also the top wedding and event venue in the region. The new name and logo, as well as accompanying fonts, were rolled out across all brand verticals in both print and digital applications.

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